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Since I've put this website online, there have been a number of people who have contacted me (or whom I have contacted) and who helped me with advice, additional information, corrections, etc. I'd like to thank them here. So here's the list (in strictly alphabetical order):

- Ruud Altenburg
- Peter Bollen
- Rob Davison (former co-ordinator of RCA Europe's CD department)
- Christian Frifelt
- Chris Hanington
- Gary Jones
- Maarten Kwant
- Wim Lintsen
- Colin McIntyre
- Alan Morgan
- Arne Olin
- Andreas Pessel
- Michele Santarelli
- Robert Steeden
- John Villanova
- Horst Wimmer
... and a guy from Australia who doesn't want his name to be mentioned in public...

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