Update History
(from 21st September 2009 onwards)

25/12/2023 Added USA 1976 Subway (original issue) bootleg LP, Italy 1985 Montreal 1983 bootleg 4LP, USA 2016 Underworld various artists clear vinyl 2LP, EU 2018 The Marquee Club Rehearsals bootleg 2CD.
17/11/2023 Added Italy 1972 Starman 1st issue 7" (with brownish background), Italy 2023 An English Heathen in New York bootleg 4LP, EU 2023 Atlantic City - The Classic New Jersey Broadcast bootleg 2CD, Germany 2023 Pin Ups half-speed master LP.
I also added Robert Bruna's David Bowie - A Collector Discography book to the Books & Links section.
03/10/2023 Added Canada 1971 Hunky Dory 1st issue LP (with withdrawn back cover), Canada 1976 Space Oddity 7", UK 1979 Do Anything You Say/I Dig Everything 7"EP, UK 1980 The Laughing Gnome 7", Germany 2023 Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars - Original Soundtrack - 50th Anniversary Edition gold vinyl 2LP.
I also re-arranged the various versions of the above-mentioned Do Anything... EP in order to list the re-issues/re-pressings in more appropriate places.
16/06/2023 Added Japan 1975 Fame 7", Germany 1983 Let's Dance club edition LP, Germany 1983 Golden Years club edition LP, UK 2022 The Arsenio Hall Show E.P. 12", France 2023 Laughing with Liza 5x7".
I also corrected an embarrassing mistake: I originally wrote that the Serious Moonlight [Live '83] album from the Loving the Alien box set was entirely recorded in Montreal. That was wrong: with the exception of Modern Love it was recorded in Vancouver.
25/04/2023 Added Australia 1972 Hunky Dory LP, Belgium 1973 Coccinelle Varietes LP, Italy 1982 Christiana F. tan label LP, USA 1982 Royalty of Rock promo-only LP, Spain 1983 Golden Years (Años Dorados) LP, USA 1990 Off the Record Specials with Mary Turner promo-only 2LP, UK 2001 Hunky Dory LP, EU 2021 Station to Station red vinyl LP, Italy 2022 Live in Chile 1990 bootleg 2LP, EU 2022 Moonage Daydream 2CD, Italy 2022 Divine Symmetry 5CD/Blu-Ray, Germany 2023 A Divine Symmetry LP, Germany 2023 Moonage Daydream 3LP, Germany 2023 Aladdin Sane picture disc LP, Germany 2023 Aladdin Sane half-speed master LP.
I replaced my copy of the Spanish 1983 promo-only Amsterdam 7" by a better one.
I have finally decided to shift the German Hunky Dory album to January 1972, since I have found more evidence that the album wasn't released in late 1971 (see the entry for details).
I also added some release details to various German LPs from 1972 to 1973, and I shifted my counterfeit of the "Simply Vinyl" version of Space Oddity from 2000 to 2001.
Furthermore, I corrected numerous recording details in the entries of various bootlegs, to integrate the information from the Divine Symmetry box set.
And I corrected an embarrassing mistake in the index of singles (which had listed the Spanish Up the Hill Backwards single as a 12").
19/12/2022 Added Canada 1971? Hunky Dory LP, Germany 1972 Starman label mis-print 7", Netherlands 1981 Changes One alternative issue LP, Australia 1987 Tina Live Tina Turner LP, EU 2022 "Heroes" grey vinyl LP, Italy 2022 Never Get Old yellow vinyl bootleg 2LP, Italy 2022 Full American Bowie clear vinyl bootleg 2LP, EU 2022 The Next Day Extra EP LP, Germany 2022 David Bowie & Bing Crosby Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy pink vinyl 12".
I have also corrected an embarrassing typo in the entry of the Glass Spider Tour bootleg: of course that album is a single LP, but, as so often, I suppose you have realized that anyway.
I have added some information to the entry of the original German issue of Hunky Dory that supports the assumption that the album was actually released in 1972. However, for the time being, I've decided to list it under 1971.
I have also shifted the French compilation album David Bowie (Decca/Impact) from 1977 to 1983, since that is the most likely year of release.
15/10/2022 Added Italy 1973 Drive-In Saturday 7", Canada 1975 Golden Years 7", UK 1978 Stage yellow vinyl 2LP, UK 2022 Montreux Jazz Festival bootleg 2CD, EU 2022 In the White Room clear vinyl bootleg 2LP, EU 2022 Area 2 Festival white vinyl bootleg 2LP, and UK 2022 Transition - On Air 1967-'71 blue vinyl bootleg LP.
Replaced my copy of the 1973 France The Laughing Gnome 7" by a better one.
I also corrected an awkward mistake concerning the stock copy of the USA 1981 release of Under Pressure. For more than a decade I listed that single as a promo-only release in a company sleeve. But I guess you have realized that error anyway.
14/08/2022 Added France 1974 Rebel Rebel (alternative issue) 7", Japan 2011 David Bowie pirate picture disc of 1967 album LP, EU 2012 The Rise of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (alternative issue) bootleg 2LP, EU 2017 Cleveland '72 white vinyl bootleg 2LP.
I also corrected some information concerning the exact release date of some records and an embarrassing mistake in the (so far) self-contradictory entry of the original German issue of Changes One.
25/07/2022 Added Italy 1977 Low LP, Spain 1978 El Rey del Gay-Power re-issue 2LP, Netherlands 1979 Rock Originals - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust... LP, UK 1981 Aladdin Sane LP, Italy 2022 Utterly Pissed Off orange vinyl bootleg LP, Germany 2022 Ziggy Stardust picture disc LP, Germany 2022 Ziggy Stardust half-speed master LP, UK 2022 Changes Eno orange vinyl bootleg LP.
29/05/2022 Added Italy 1972 Starman juke box promo 7", Italy 1973 David Bowie/Antonello Venditti Life on Mars? juke box promo 7", Germany 1982 "Heroes" re-pressing 7", UK 1982 Baal alternative issue 7"EP, USA 1982 Cat People (Putting Out Fire) promo-only 12", France 1987 Day-In Day-Out promo-only 7" flexi, UK 2022 The Gouster bootleg 3 x 7", Germany 2022 Toy E.P. - You've Got It Made with All the Toys 10"LP, and Germany 2022 Brilliant Adventure EP 12".
14/04/2022 Added EU 2022 Tin Machine II turquoise vinyl Tin Machine LP.
I also added Michael Aldred (et al.)'s Bowie - Sternenstaub, Strahlenkanonen und Tagträume to the Books & Links section.
10/04/2022 Added Belgium 1982 Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy David Bowie & Bing Crosby 7", Germany 1990 Hunky Dory LP, EU 2016 New York's A Go-Go bootleg 2LP, EU 2019 David Bowie Paul Smith coloured vinyl LP, and EU 2022 Kingston Polytechnic 6 May, 1972 - In Concert bootleg 2LP.
09/03/2022 Added an appropriate inner sleeve to the counterfeit of the German The Man Who Sold the World LP.
Also added Germany 1982 Sorrow black label 7", Italy 1982 Cat People Franco Dani/David Bowie jukebox 7", Spain 1984 Tonight promo 7", Germany 1991 Baby Universal Tin Machine 7", UK 2016 The Man Who Sold the World yellow vinyl pirate LP, USA 2021 LA Forum '78 blue vinyl bootleg 2LP, Italy? 2021 Queen/David Bowie Live Aid - Wembley Stadium, London, England, 13 July 1985 white vinyl bootleg LP.
I also changed the entry of the obscure 1990 Tin Machine LP that I originally classified as a Russian pirate release, but which seems to be a legitimate Indian album.
26/01/2022 Added an appropriate picture sleeve to the Italian Life on Mars? promo 7".
Also added EU 2018 Glastonbury 2000 2CD/DVD, EU 2021 "Rockpalast" - June 22, 1996 bootleg 2LP/12", and EU 2022 Low orange vinyl LP.
09/01/2022 Added Mexico 1973 Aladdin Sane LP, USSR 19?? Join the Gang 6" "roentgenizdat" flexi, UK 2018 Thunder Ocean bootleg LP, UK 2018 No Sense of Destination Tin Machine blue vinyl bootleg LP, EU 2021 On My TVC 15 picture disc bootleg 2LP, Germany 2022 Hunky Dory picture disc LP, and Germany 2022 Toy 3 x 10"LP.
29/12/2021 Added Spain 1974 Pin Ups LP, New Zealand 1980 Scary Monsters LP, South Korea 1983 Let's Dance LP, Germany 1990 Space Oddity LP, Germany 2021 Brilliant Adventure 16LP/2x12", and Netherlands? 2021 Rock'n'Roll with Me bootleg 12".
Replaced my copy of the 1972 Germany re-issue of The Man Who Sold the World by a more appropriate copy.
04/12/2021 Added Germany 1967 Informationsplatte Liste Oktober 1967 various artists promo-only LP, Germany 1973 Aladdin Sane club edition LP, Italy 1973 Life on Mars? orange label promo 7", Portugal 1980 Ashes to Ashes 7", Japan 1984 Tonight LP, UK 2018 Brazil 90 dark orange vinyl bootleg LP, UK 2019 The Tokyo Dome 1990 - Volume One orange vinyl bootleg LP, UK 2020 Changes Live clear vinyl bootleg LP, UK 2020 Standing in the Wind red vinyl bootleg LP.
I also shifted some information on German book and record clubs from the entry of the club edition of Scary Monsters to the entry of the above-mentioned version of Aladdin Sane, since it makes more sense to give it with the first listing of such a club LP.
I also added various cross-references to the album and single indices, since more and more items that were originally part of record sets are sold separately.
Finally, I shifted the original German issue of the Deram album from 1967 to January 1968. See the entry of the record for reasons.
04/11/2021 Added Yugoslavia 1972 Starman 7", France 1972 John, I'm Only Dancing 7", El Salvador 1975 Fame 7", El Salvador 1975 Golden Years 7", Germany 1990 David Live 2LP, France 2020 The Many Faces of David Bowie various artists 2LP, EU 2021 Station to Station white vinyl LP.
06/10/2021 Added Germany 1980 Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) Sonocord club edition LP, EU 2021 50th Birthday Celebration bootleg 2LP, EU 2021 The Shape of Things to Come Episode 3 and The Shape of Things to Come Episode 4 picture disc 7"s, Italy? 2021 Run Piper Run bootleg 2LP.
I added Michael Stimson's David Bowie Unofficial Records Valuation Guide 2020 to the Books and Links section, and changed some entries of bootlegs because of that. I also added John Robinson's The Archive Collection - Ultimate Record Collection: Bowie - Part 1: 1964-76 to the Books and Links section.
Finally, I corrected some minor inaccuracies in several entries.
03/09/2021 Added EU 2016 You Got to Have a Job bootleg 2LP, and 2020 UK Area 2 Festival bootleg CD.
I finally added the fantastic second edition of Marshall Jarman's (and Reto Stöcklin's) David Bowie - World 7" Records Discography 1964 - 1981 (thanks to Hanno for reminding me of the existence of this second edition) to the Books and Links section.
This lead me to going through the pages and revise/correct/update/expand some entries of the early singles. Most changes were just minor issues (like correcting the exact month of release of a 7" or pointing out that some issue has been clarified), but there were two major changes:
First, I revised my criterion for distinguishing original early 1970s Spain singles from 1978+ re-pressings. See the entry of the Spanish Starman single for details.
Second, I re-classified the USA 1969 first promo issue of Space Oddity with hand-scratched matrix numbers, which I had always considered to be a counterfeit, as a legitimate release. It still looks dubious to me, though...
I also went through Christian Frifelt's books on bootlegs again (and added a bit of criticism to the entry of his latest book, since some developments really bother me). I revised, corrected and extended the entries of numerous bootlegs, and shifted the old Black Sheep Boys Remixed bootleg from 1986 to 1985.
I also identified the source of some bootleg tracks that had previously been a mystery to me, namely Strangers When We Meet from Live. Inside, The Supermen from The London Tapes, and Amsterdam from Used Up and Empty.
This also lead me to re-writing my text on counterfeits, pirate releases and bootlegs. I wanted to make the distinction a bit clearer and added some further thoughts to it.
I took the time to go through the two price guide books by Darke, added comments to their entries and some information to the entries of several records. As so often, I discovered a number of inaccuracies and mistakes while doing so. For example, I shifted my Canadian Hunky Dory from 1971 to 1972, because I discovered that it was actually an export copy.
I checked the links in the Books and Links section to see if they still work. Much to my surprise, they all did! With one exception: I removed the link to the Mindwarppavilion website. It doesn't work anymore, I haven't been interested in torrents for many years, and torrents are not what this website is about, anyway.
Finally, I added some not particularly important books to the Books and Links section: the third edition of Paolo Hewitt's Retrospektive, Neil Cossar's David Bowie - I Was There, and Mike Evans's Bowie Treasures.
20/08/2021 Added UK 2020 Outside Tour - Live '95 bootleg LP, EU 2020 Live in Japan 1990 blue vinyl bootleg 3LP, Germany 2021 The Width of a Circle 10"EP, Germany 2021 The Width of a Circle 2CD, Germany 2021 The Man Who Sold the World picture disc LP, UK 2021 The Very Best - Live at the Montreal Forum 1983 - Serious Moonlight Tour bootleg picture disc LP.
I also changed the entry of the Ouvrez le Chien album to accommodate newer developments in Parlophone's release policy (and accordingly changed the number of "limited edition" copies in all entries of the Brilliant Live Adventures series).
Furthermore, I added some information to the entry of the Japan 2017 Lady Stardust picture disc single (counterfeit alarm!), and to the entry of the 2016 Lost Highway soundtrack.
29/04/2021 Added Germany 2021 Mother 7", Germany 2021 Look at the Moon 3LP, Czechia 2021 David Bowie LP, EU 2021 Unplugged and Slightly Phased bootleg 2LP, Germany 2021 Something in the Air 2LP, Germany 2021 At the Kit Kat Club 2LP, EU 2020 Brilliant Live Adventures box to the Ouvrez le Chien album.
I also corrected the release date of the Outside in Budapest vinyl bootleg and added Christian Frifelt's The Ultimate Illustrated Bowie Bootleg File 2 (2017-2020) - Vinyl Only! to the Books and Links section.
26/02/2021 Added Germany 2020 No Trendy Réchauffé 2LP, EU 2020 The Turning - Katie's Diary various artists LP, Germany 2021 David Bowie & Morrissey Cosmic Dancer 7", EU 2020 Outside in Budapest bootleg 2LP, Germany 2021 Liveandwell.com.
I also corrected and expanded the entry of the original Liveandwell.com album, and expanded the entry of the Metrobolist album.
30/11/2020 Added a third version of the Germany 1977 "Heroes" LP, and changed the entry of the first issue.
Added EU 2020 I'm Only Dancing (Soul Tour 74) 2LP, EU 2020 Changes Now LP, EU 2020 Ouvrez le Chien 2LP, EU 2020 Metrobolist LP, EU 2020 Young Americans gold vinyl LP, UK 2020 In the Beginning bootleg picture disc LP, Italy 2020 Sounds + Visions gold vinyl bootleg 2 x 10"LP.
I also shifted the Italian Superstar compilation LP from 1983 to 1982 and drastically revised and expanded its entry. I also corrected some recording information in the entries of the Unplugged and Falling Up through the Years bootleg LPs.
28/08/2020 Added EU 2019 Diamond Dogs red vinyl LP, EU 2020 The Lost Sessions Vol. 1 bootleg 2LP, EU 2020 The Lost Sessions Vol. 2 bootleg 2LP, EU 2020 The Shape of Things to Come Episode 2 picture disc bootleg 7", and USA 2020 Let's Dance orange vinyl pirate 12".
27/07/2020 Added EU 2019 Dallas 1978 - Isolar II World Tour bootleg 2LP, EU 2019 Outside in Budapest bootleg CD, EU 2019 The Raven 3LP, EU 2020 Alabama Song picture 7"EP, EU 2020 Is It Any Wonder? LP, EU 2020 Tin Machine II silver vinyl Tin Machine LP, EU 2020 The Shape of Things to Come Episode 2 blue vinyl bootleg 7", and EU 2020 Space Oddity picture disc LP.
Replaced the counterfeit cover of the US promo LP The Man Who Sold the World by an appropriate original cover.
Added Dave Thompson's Hallo Spaceboy to the Books and Links section.
I also corrected parts of the entry for the C'est la Vie 11LP set. I changed large parts of the entries of US issue of The Man Who Sold the World and its early counterfeits. And I added an article about the release year of the German issue of The Man Who Sold the World to the Explanations etc. section.
28/11/2019 Added 1993 David Bowie & Mick Jagger Dancing in the Street bootleg CD, EU 2019 Isolar II Tour 1978 bootleg 2LP, EU 2019 Just a Gigolo - The Original Soundtrack various artists LP, EU 2019 VH1 Storytellers 2LP, EU 2019 Japan 1992 - The Classic Budokan Broadcast Tin Machine bootleg 2LP, EU 2019 Small Club Broadcast - Paris Show 1999 bootleg 2LP, EU 2019 Space Oddity (2019 Mix) LP, EU 2019 Conversation Piece 5CD.
Added Sean Mayes's Life on Tour with David Bowie to the Books and Links section.
I also augmented/corrected the entries for Kiss Away the Darkest Day and two 12" versions of Dancing in the Street.
24/07/2019 Added EU 2019 Space Oddity 2 x 7".
I also added the pictures for the UK 2016 counterfeit of the The Man Who Sold the World LP, which for some strange reason were missing up to now.
07/07/2019 Added EU 2019 Clareville Grove Demos 3 x 7", EU 2019 Boys Keep Swinging picture disc 7", EU 2019 The 'Mercury' Demos LP, and EU 2019 D.J. picture disc 7".
Added France 2019 The Many Faces of Iggy Pop Iggy Pop 2LP to the Contributions section.
I also corrected some information in the entry of the 40th Anniversary 2CD set of Bowie's Philips album and corrected the recording date for Bowie's Aladdin Sane version in numerous entries (or made it more precise, to be correct).
05/05/2019 Added EU 2018 Live in New York 1987 bootleg CD, UK 2018 Telecasts blue vinyl bootleg LP, Italy 2018 C'est la Vie - The Ultimate Rare Tracks 1964/2016 11LP, EU 2019 The Shape of Things to Come picture disc bootleg 7", EU 2019 Live 1983 bootleg 3LP, EU 2019 Spying through a Keyhole 4 x 7", EU 2019 The World of David Bowie LP, EU? 2019 Pin Ups picture disc LP, EU 2019 Songs from the Original Soundtrack Just a Gigolo 7".
I also expanded the entries for the two original UK issues of The World of David Bowie.
27/02/2019 Added Japan 1997 The Earthling Chronicles bootleg CD, Japan 2018 Live Aid - Live Wembley Stadium 1985 various artists bootleg 2CD, EU 2018 Live Broadcasts David Bowie and Friends bootleg CD, EU 2018 The Shape of Things to Come yellow vinyl bootleg 7", EU 2018 Santa Monica 1972 - Live Radio Broadcast - Best of Live Santa Monica, 20th October 1972 bootleg LP, EU 2018 Lost Radio Tapes bootleg CD.
Also added an appropriate second inner sleeve to my copy of the Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture album from my Five Years box.
13/01/2019 Added Italy 2018 Davie Jones... and Other Stories pirate LP, Davie Jones... and Other Stories Vol. 2 pirate LP, Davie Jones... and Other Stories Vol. 3 pirate/bootleg LP, UK 2018 Someone Sees It All Tin Machine bootleg 10"LP, EU 2018 Standing on My Own pirate/bootleg LP.
I also revised the entry for The Forgotten Songs of David Robert Jones.
26/12/2018 Added EU 2018 Back in Anger 1995 Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie bootleg LP.
Fixed some mistakes in newer entries.
18/12/2018 Added EU 2018 Aladdin Sane LP, UK 2016 The Man Who Sold the World cartoon cover counterfeit LP, UK 2018 Interview bootleg? LP, USA 2018 Time 7", USA 2018 Live in Berlin [1978] L.P. LP, Czechia 2018 Beside Bowie various artists 2LP, EU 2018 Changes Two blue vinyl LP, EU 2018 Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo LP, EU 2018 Breaking Glass 7"EP, EU 2018 Zeroes (2018) 7", EU 2018 Glastonbury 2000 3LP, and EU 2018 Loving the Alien 14LP/12" box set.
Also revised the entries of ABC Rock Radio Network - Super Groups, Best of the Biscuit and Welcome to the Blackout.
23/07/2018 Added EU 2018 Best of Seven Months in America bootleg LP, EU 2018 David Bowie 2LP, EU 2018 Let's Dance 12", EU 2018 Bowie Now LP, EU 2018 Welcome to the Blackout 3LP, USA? 2018 Odds and Sods bootleg 2LP, EU 2018 Baal 10"EP.
27/01/2018 Added Germany? 1997 Little Wonder in Paradiso bootleg CD, EU 2016 Let's Roll Some Tape on This Tin Machine bootleg 4CD, UK 2016 Liza Jane Davie Jones green vinyl pirate 7", EU 2017 Sounds & Visions bootleg 6CD, EU 2017 Sounds & Visions bootleg LP, EU 2017 We Could Be Heroes bootleg LP, UK 2017 Last Night Earls Court bootleg 2LP, EU 2017 Under the Moonlight bootleg LP, EU 2017 KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Show bootleg LP, EU 2017 Labyrinth purple vinyl David Bowie/Trevor Jones LP, EU 2017 Station to Station bootleg LP, EU 2018 Beauty and the Beast picture disc 7".
08/11/2017 Added Spain 2017 I'm Afraid of Americans 7", EU 2017 "Heroes" picture disc 7", Germany 2017 "Helden" 7", USA 2017 Something for the Sigma Kids bootleg 2LP, EU 2017 Ziggy's Birthday bootleg 2LP, and EU 2017 A New Career in a New Town 12LP/12" box set.
Also added Anja Liedtke's Schwimmen wie ein Delfin oder David Bowies Butler to the Books and Links section.
29/07/2017 Added 2016 All the Young Dudes picture disc bootleg 10"LP, EU 2016 Hunky Dory picture disc pirate LP, EU 2016 On the Airwaves bootleg LP, EU 2017 My Early Memories bootleg LP, EU 2017 No Plan EP, EU 2017 No Plan EP transparent vinyl, US 2017 No Plan EP white vinyl 12"s, EU 2017 Without You I'm Nothing Placebo 12", EU 2017 Cracked Actor 2LP/12", EU 2017 BOWPROMO LP, Czechia 2017 Berlin in Tokyo bootleg LP, Czechia 2017 Across the Ether bootleg LP, Czechia 2017 Ziggy's Last Floor Show bootleg LP, EU 2017 Be My Wife picture disc 7".
I also added Christian Frifelt's The Ultimate Illustrated Bowie Bootleg File to the Books and Links section.
01/07/2017 Quick update while it's still possible:
Added Czechia 2017 Industrial Collaborations bootleg LP.
26/02/2017 Added UK 2016 The 1980 Floor Show bootleg LP, EU 2016 Fame in Paris bootleg LP, EU 2016 VH1 Storytellers pirate LP.
15/02/2017 Added USA 2016 Blackstar clear vinyl LP, EU 2016 Lost Highway various artists 2LP, EU 2017 Legacy limited edition 2LP, Czechia 2017 The Collaborator bootleg 4CD, Japan 2017 Blackstar 12", Japan 2017 Lady Stardust picture disc 7", and EU 2017 Sound and Vision picture disc 7".
Also added some books to the Books and Links section: Chris Charlesworth's David Bowie - Profile, Tamsin Darke's David Bowie - Rare Records Price Guide volume 1 and volume 2, and Frank Kelleter's David Bowie. 100 Seiten.
23/12/2016 Added the latest edition of Pegg's The Complete David Bowie to the Books and Links section. This also allowed me to add some details on recording dates and places to some entries.
19/12/2016 Added EU 2016 The Buddha of Suburbia version 1 and version 2 pirate LPs.
02/12/2016 Added UK 2016 Low/Montreux bootleg LP, UK? 2016 Demanding Billy Dolls, and Other Friends of Mine bootleg 2LP.
24/11/2016 Added EU 2016 Falling Up through the Years bootleg LP, EU 2016 Back in Anger Volume 1 Nine Inch Nails with David Bowie bootleg 2LP, EU 2016 Back in Anger Volume 2 Nine Inch Nails with David Bowie bootleg 2LP, UK 2016 Glastonbury XXV.VI.MM bootleg 3LP, UK 2016 1.0 Wishful Beginnings bootleg 2LP (and duly revised my entry of the Something Really Fishy CD), Italy 2016 Ragazzo Solo Ragazza Sola 7", EU 2016 Who Can I Be Now? [1974-1976] 13LP, EU 2016 various artists Lazarus 2LP/12", USA 2016 various artists Lazarus limited edition 2LP/12", EU? 2016 Digging into the Archives bootleg LP, and EU 2016 My Secret Memories bootleg LP.
I also revised the entries of other releases with the material of the latter album. Furthermore, due to some information from John McIntyre, I shifted the entry of the Australian "Heroes"/"Héros" EP from 1978 to 1980.
13/07/2016 Added 2016 EU Changes One transparent vinyl LP, 2016 bootleg LP In Memory of David Bowie, UK 2016 Jesus on Dateline bootleg 2LP, 2016 Live - The F.M. Broadcast bootleg 7", EU 2016 The Man Who Sold the World picture disc LP, USA 2016 A Reality Tour 3LP, 2016 David Bowie & Stevie Ray Vaughan Space Oddity - F.M. Broadcast 1983 bootleg LP, EU 2016 TVC 15 picture disc 7", EU 2016 When God Was an Englishman bootleg 2LP.
15/03/2016 Added 2015 Slinky Secrets bootleg 2LP, 2015 The Trident Tapes bootleg LP, UK 2015 1. Hurling Disdain Volume One and Volume Two bootleg 2LP sets, EU 2015 Ain't That Close to Love blue vinyl bootleg LP, EU 2015 C'est la Vie red vinyl bootleg 7", EU 2015 A Further Exploration of Ziggy on Channel Two bootleg LP, UK 2015 My Death bootleg 3LP, Netherlands 2015 Man of Words/Man of Music LP, Netherlands 2015 Amsterdam 7", and EU 2016 Bowie at the Beep 4LP.
I also re-named the 1974 (?) Japanese album David Bowie Best Deluxe. See that entry for the reasons.
11/01/2016 Added EU 2015 Fame, Space Oddity, and Golden Years picture disc 7"s. Also added 2015 Day In Day Out bootleg 2CD, USA 2015 Heathen, Hours... and Reality LPs, EU 2015 Five Years 1969-1973 13LP box set, EU 2015 Pin Ups Radio Show 10"EP, USA 2015 1. Outside 2LP, 2015 Toy - The Lost Album bootleg 2LP, EU 2016 Blackstar LP.
04/07/2015 Added France 1981 Don't Be Fooled by the Name LP. Replaced my re-pressing of the Spain 1976 Station to Station LP by an original white label promo copy.
I've also finished my preliminary update (more pictures etc.) for the rest of the website, and I've added an Acknowledgements section to the Contact/Personal section (It was high time).
And I've finally incorporated some information about US export singles that I got from John Villanova some time ago... seven years ago, to be exact. I simply forgot about those e-mails. This made me replace some probably incorrect company sleeves - for the US issues of Rock'n'Roll Suicide (both versions) and Rebel Rebel (the version I've previously called an "export issue").
24/06/2015 Added USA 1967 Love You till Tuesday promo 7" (alternative issue), EU 2015 Diamond Dogs green vinyl pirate LP, EU 2015 The Man Who Sold the World green vinyl pirate LP, EU 2015 Strung Out on Heaven's High picture disc bootleg LP, USA 2015 Make Way for the Rock and Rollers bootleg LP, EU 2015 Hours... blue and green vinyl LPs.
I also added Christian Frifelt's The Illustrated Bowie Bootleg File II to the Books and Links section, and finished my preliminary update of the 2005-2009 section. And, finally, after a long discussion at the forum of the IdbD website, I completely re-wrote the entries of the US Mercury issues of the The Man Who Sold the World LP (starting from here).
07/06/2015 Added USA 1970 The Man Who Sold the World LP with hand-scratched matrix numbers and matt labels, France 1976 Station to Station LP, France 1977 Low LP, Germany 1977 "Heroes" alternative label LP, and Sweden 1980 The Best of Bowie LP.
Also replaced my later pressing of the French Ziggy Stardust LP by an earlier (first?) pressing, and my French "Heroes" LP by one with an insert.
29/05/2015 Added UK 1973 alternative Life on Mars? 7". Also finished my preliminary update of the 1995-1999 section.
12/05/2015 Added Japan 1972 Starman first pressing 7", Colombia 1980 Scary Monsters LP, Portugal 1982 Let's Dance 7", Portugal 1984 Tonight 7", Portugal 1986 Underground 7", EU 2015 Strung Out on Heaven's High white vinyl bootleg LP, EU 2015 iSelect LP.
Added a picture sleeve to my copy of the 1993 UK Nite Flights 12". Also finished my preliminary update of the 1990-1994 section.
23/04/2015 Added Spain 1973 Campaña Gay Power promo 7", Italy 1974 Knock on Wood 7", UK 1980 Fashion promo 12", Spain 1981 Cristina F. first issue LP, EU 2015 Kingdom Come Bowie/Tom Verlaine 7", EU 2015 Changes 7", EU 2015 1966 LP.
Also replaced my Italy 1970 Ragazzo Solo Ragazza Sola 7" by a copy with a picture sleeve.
14/04/2015 Added USA 1981 Rock & Religion promo-only LP, 1984 DRJONES 180683 bootleg 2LP, EU 2014 Low Live re-issue bootleg LP, and EU 2014 Ziggy at the BBC red vinyl pirate LP.
29/03/2015 Replaced my copy of the France 1975 There Is a Happy Land 7" by one with a picture cover. Also finished my preliminary update of the 1985-1989 section (I'm getting faster...)
And thanks to Ruud Altenburg for some helpful advice on HTML.
20/03/2015 Added France 1975 There Is a Happy Land 7", Philippines 1976 Changes One LP, USA 1977? The Thin White Duke - Live at Nassau Coliseum, N.Y. 1976 bootleg 2LP, Spain 1981 Lo Mejor de Bowie LP, 1992 Thin White Duke Live bootleg CD, 2015 Aladdin Sane pirate 2LP.
Replaced my UK 1972 re-pressing of the Space Oddity LP by an original copy.
04/03/2015 Added France 1974 Rebel Rebel export copy 7", UK 1981 Christiane F. LP, and France 2015 "Héros" 7".
22/02/2015 Added Spain 1976 TVC 15 7", Spain 1985 David Bowie LP, UK 1992 Ruby Trax various artists 3LP, EU 2015 Young Americans picture disc 7".
12/02/2015 Added UK 1972 John, I'm Only Dancing 7" with solid centre.
I've also re-arranged the order of RCA CDs in my collection and added a reference to Rob Davison's blog.
08/02/2015 Added Spain 1971 Holy Holy 7", Colombia 1974 Pin Ups LP, Yugoslavia 1974 Knock on Wood 7", and USA 1975 Young Americans promo-only 7".
Also finished my (preliminary) update of the 1980-1984 section with lots of additional back cover and label scans, etc.
23/01/2015 Added France 1972 Starman 7", Portugal 1976 TVC 15 7", Spain 1982 Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy David Bowie & Bing Crosby promo 7", EU 2014 Nothing Has Changed. 3CD.
Replaced my UK 1972 copy of the TMWSTW LP by a first pressing.
11/01/2015 Added Italy 1973 Aladdin Sane LP in preliminary cover, South Korea 1981? Changes Two pirate LP (alternative issue), 1983 Ziggy Plays Guitar Live '72 bootleg LP, EU 2013 Layin' on 'Lectric Dreams bootleg LP, EU 2014 The Man Who Sold the World counterfeit LP.
Replaced my copy of the Spain 198? Cristina F. LP by one with an appropriate cover.
06/01/2015 Added South Korea 1983 Let's Dance pirate LP.
28/12/2014 Added Portugal 1974 Knock on Wood re-pressing 7".
23/12/2014 Added Australia 1979 Forever Yours bootleg 2LP, Portugal 1980 Hunky Dory LP, Italy 1981 Changes Two promo LP, 1984 Resurrection bootleg 2LP, Germany 1992 Songs from the Cool World various artists LP, EU 2013 Jamming Good with Weird and Gilly bootleg LP, EU 2013 La Ascendencia y Caida de Ziggy Stardust y las Arañas de Marte pirate LP, EU 2014 Station to Station counterfeit LP, and US 2014 Sue (or In a Season of Crime) 10"EP. Also added Paolo Hewitt's book Bowie - Retrospektive to the Books and links section.
10/12/2014 Added Netherlands 1980 Ashes to Ashes 7", Italy 1986 Absolute Beginners jukebox promo-only 7", and 2014 The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars pirate 2LP.
03/12/2014 Added Germany 1969 Space Oddity 7" (alternative issue). Replaced my copy of the 1972 France Hunky Dory LP by a first pressing copy.
30/11/2014 Added EU 2014 "Heroes" counterfeit LP, and EU 2014 Ziggy at the BBC pirate LP.
22/11/2014 Added New Zealand 1969 Space Oddity 7" (originally mis-interpreted by me as an Australian issue), Germany 1982 Alabama Song/Amsterdam 12", 2003 Come to Daddy bootleg CD, EU 2014 Sue (or In a Season of Crime) 10"EP, and EU 2014 Nothing Has Changed. 2LP.
16/11/2014 Added South Korea 19?? Changes One pirate LP (alternative issue), and South Korea 1983? Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture pirate 2LP.
15/11/2014 Added New Zealand 1980 The Best of Bowie first issue LP (and also totally revised my entries on the New Zealand issues of the album). Also added another issue of the 1990 USSR Starman LP (and completely revised the entries for that compilation, too).
11/11/2014 Added Italy 1979 Boys Keep Swinging 7", EU 2014 Low pirate LP, EU 2014 Live in Tokyo 1992 Tin Machine bootleg 2CD, and EU 2014 Peter and the Wolf red vinyl LP.
Also added John Hutchinson's entertaining book Bowie & Hutch to the Books and links section.
03/11/2014 Added EU 2014 Freak Out, Far Out, In Out bootleg LP.
01/11/2014 Added Australia 1987 Never Let Me Down blue vinyl LP and Italy 1992 High, Live and Dirty Tin Machine bootleg CD.
28/10/2014 Added 1984 Let's Bowie Dance and 1989 You Need a Tie to Get In bootleg LPs.
25/10/2014 Added USA 1971 Changes stock copy 7" (without promo-sticker), UK 1980 mis-pressed Ashes to Ashes 7", Spain 198? Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) 2nd issue LP, and Russia 199? An Occasional Dream, Lady Grinning Soul and The Width of a Circle 5" flexi discs.
09/10/2014 Added USA 1972 Starman promo 7", Spain 1980 Scary Monsters LP, and EU 2013 The Sun Machine Is Coming Down bootleg LP.
02/10/2014 Replaced my second (or rather "one-and-a-half-th") German issue of Changes One by a true first issue.
Added Germany 1977 "Heroes" 7" with solid centre, Netherlands 1979 Rock Concert first issue LP, EU 2013 God's a Young Man Too bootleg LP, EU 2014 Unreleased Demos 1966-1970 bootleg picture disc LP, EU 2014 China Girl pirate picture disc 7", and EU 2014 Knock on Wood picture disc 7".
I've also finished my (preliminary) update of the 1975-1979 section with lots of additional back cover and label scans, etc.
11/09/2014 Replaced my original US 1971 copy of Hunky Dory by one with the appropriate title sticker.
Added 1969 UK Space Oddity 7" with centre piece and without "mono" on label, 1983 Live at Nassau Coliseum, N.Y., 1976 - Part 1 + Part 2 picture disc bootleg 2LP, Germany 1984 Alarm bootleg LP (blue cover issue), UK 1984 The Other Bowie bootleg LP (black vinyl issue), EU 2013 A Tripper to the Last bootleg LP, and EU 2013 It's the Freakiest Show bootleg LP.
21/08/2014 Added Germany 1975 Young Americans first issue LP, USA 1977 Starting Point first issue LP, Germany 1981 Christiane F. alternative cover LP, Greece 1984 Fame and Fashion LP, Netherlands 1998 Space Oddity CD , EU 2013 Aladdin Sane pirate LP, EU 2014 Hours in Paris bootleg 2LP, and EU 2014 "Heroes" pirate LP.
08/08/2014 Replaced my inappropritate record for the NZL 1979 Twenty Bowie Classics LP by an appropriate one.
02/08/2014 Added Ecuador 1985 Blue Jean 7", EU 2010 The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars pirate LP, EU 2014 C'Est la Vie bootleg 6CD, and Turkey 197? Starting Point LP.
26/06/2014 Added UK 1983 Modern Love 12" and EU 2014 Diamond Dogs picture disc 7".
25/06/2014 Replaced my second issue copy of the German 1975 Images 2LP by a first issue copy. Added Japan 1988 1966 promo LP.
21/06/2014 Added UK 2006 Province TV on the Radio promo-only 7".
13/06/2014 Added Germany 1973 Pin Ups LP in laminated cover, and Germany 1974 David Live first issue 2LP. Apart from that, I'm busy cleaning up the information on German RCA albums from the early 1980s, shifting entries around...
10/06/2014 Added Germany 1976 Changes One second issue LP.
08/06/2014 Added US 1973 Space Oddity promo-only 7", Yugoslavia 1975 Space Oddity 7", and EU 2014 Dallas Moonlight David Bowie/Stevie Ray Vaughan bootleg LP.
I also finished a preliminary update of the 1970-1974 section.
21/05/2014 Added UK 1972 Ziggy Stardust LP (first issue). I also revised the entries of the UK issues of that album. I hope I've finally got it right...
17/05/2014 Added EU 2014 Dallas Oddity bootleg LP. I also re-worked and revised the sections on contributions and the 1960s, adding more pictures and correcting outdated and/or incorrect information. At present I'm working on the early 1970s...
05/05/2014 Since I've received some interesting information on the two records I added yesterday, I updated the entries of both. Thanks, Maarten!
04/05/2014 Added Italy 1970 Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola 7". Also added Germany 1982 John Davis: Ohne Titel, lebensgross various artists bootleg LP to the contributions section.
29/04/2014 Added USA 2014 1984 7".
26/04/2014 Added EU 2014 Dallas April 1983, Stage and Vision and Unplugged bootleg LPs, and EU 2014 Rock'n'Roll Suicide 7".
21/04/2014 Started adding more scans to the website and making corrections where necessary.
10/04/2014 Added Netherlands 1987 A Night with the Duke bootleg 2LP.
09/04/2014 Added Europe 1984 Serious Moonlight 83 bootleg 2LP and USA 2013 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty various artists 2LP.
04/04/2014 Added USA 1983 ABC Rock Radio Network - Super Groups promo-only 3LP.
24/03/2014 Added EU 2014 Reality LP in black, green and orange vinyl.
23/03/2014 Added USA 1974 Good Enough to Eat/Soft in the Middle LP.
11/03/2014 Added EU 2014 Rebel Rebel 7".
10/03/2014 Added USA 1998 99X Live IV "Home" various artists CD.
09/03/2014 Added EU 2012 Subway to Seattle bootleg 2LP, EU 2014 Rock in Rio and Kiss Me Kate! 2LP/DVD sets, and EU 2014 Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo pirate 2LP.
02/03/2014 Added 1990 Sound + Vision Japan 90 bootleg 2LP and EU 2014 Sound and Stage bootleg LP. Shifted Baby Doll bootleg LP to 1976 (see the collector's notes there for the reasons).
15/02/2014 Added USA 1979 D.J. 7" and EU 2012 Space Oddity pirate LP.
06/02/2014 Added NL 1979 Just a Gigolo various artists LP, EC 1990 Strange Fascination bootleg 2LP, and France 1973 Sorrow solid centre export 7".
01/02/2014 Added USA 1980 What's It All about? David Bowie/Bob Dylan 7", USA 1980 What's It All about? David Bowie/Frank Zappa 7" and EU 2014 David Bowie '99 - Thursday's Child bootleg 2LP/DVD. Also made some minor changes in other entries.
21/01/2014 Added UK 2013 Sound and Vision 2013 UK promo-only CDS.
16/01/2014 Added USA 1993 Best of Grunge Rock various artists CD.
15/01/2014 Added USA 1998 WBCN Naked Too various artists CD. Also added navigation buttons to all sub-pages.
07/01/2014 Added 2013 Live Nassau Coliseum '76 pirate LP.
06/01/2014 Added EU 2013 Love Is Lost 12", Spain (?) 2013 Blue Eyed Soul in Boston bootleg 2LP, US 1984 Live Dance bootleg 2LP, Live at Kingston Polytechnic 7th May '72 - Volume One Germany (?) 1980 alternative issue bootleg LP, and Live at Kingston Polytechnic 7th May '72 - Volume Two - Germany (?) 1980 bootleg LP.
24/12/2013 Added France 1973 The Laughing Gnome 7".
19/12/2013 Added 1985 Hammersmith Odeon 30th June 1983 - Part Two bootleg LP.
18/12/2013 Added Spain (?) 2013 El Hombre Que Vendio el Mundo pirate LP and EU 2006 All the Young Dudes Mott the Hoople CD.
Changed my information on the Cocaine Adds Life bootleg.
15/12/2013 Added US 1988 Glass Spider Tour bootleg LP.
30/11/2013 Split the "2005 Onwards" section into two separate sections. Changed an error in the entry of Arcade Fire's Reflektor album. I hope nobody actually thought that Bowie was involved in the Untitled track.
Added UK(?) 2012 The Rise of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars bootleg 2LP.
20/11/2013 Updated the information on the Disco Promocional bootleg 12".
19/11/2013 Added 2012 BBC Archives 1968-1972 pirate 3LP.
17/11/2013 Added UK 1973 The World of David Bowie export LP, 2013 High 2013 bootleg LP/DVD, Made in the Shade bootleg 2LP/DVD, EU 2013 The Next Day limited edition 2CD/DVD, EU 2013 Sorrow 7", EU 2013 Earthling blue vinyl LP, EU 2013 Earthling green vinyl LP, 2013 Low Live 2013 bootleg LP and Time May Change Me... bootleg LP. Also added Canada 2013 Reflektor Arcade Fire 12" and EU 2013 Reflektor Arcade Fire 2LP to the "Contributions" section. Also fixed some minor issues.
20/09/2013 Added 2013 White Light 1978 bootleg 4LP/2CD/DVD box.
26/08/2013 Added EU 2013 Excerpts from Outside green vinyl LP and EU 2013 Valentine's Day 7".
15/07/2013 Added UK 2013 The Toy Soldier EP Riot Squad 7"EP, EU 2013 The Next Day red vinyl 2LP/CD, EU 2013 Life on Mars? 7", EU 2013 Heathen orange vinyl LP, and EU 2013 The Next Day 7".
Changed my information on the version of Waiting for the Man that was included on the 1983 Little Toy Soldier LP and subsequent bootlegs.
08/06/2013 Added Germany 1992 A Tribute to Freddie Mercury various artists bootleg CD.
31/05/2013 Added Japan 2013 The Next Day CD, EU 2013 Bowie 1965! 7"EP, UK 2013 The Stars (Are Out Tonight) 7", EU 2013 The Stars (Are Out Tonight) 7", EU 2013 Drive-In Saturday 7". Changed some information on the Tony Steven songs in the "Apocrypha" part of the "Contributions" section.
06/04/2013 Added NL 2012 Birthday Celebration - Live in NYC 3LP, EU 2012 The Jean Genie 7", EU 2013 The Next Day deluxe edition CD, and EU 2013 The Next Day 2LP/CD.
24/09/2012 Added EU 2012 John, I'm Only Dancing 7".
14/07/2012 Added UK 1972 Starman "Titanic/Crysalis" solid centre 7", Canada 1974 Changes re-pressing 7" and Canada 1975 Young Americans 7". Also added the book David Bowie - The Illustrated Biography to the "Books and Links" section.
25/06/2012 Added UK 1993 Jump They Say Leftfield mixes promo-only 12" and UK 1995 The Hearts Filthy Lesson Trent Reznor remix promo-only 12".
21/06/2012 Added UK 1980 Ashes to Ashes 7" with missing insert variation, UK 1993 Niteflights promo-only 12", UK 2002 Fashion Victim Angry Mexican DJs & David Bowie 12", and EU 2012 Starman picture disc 7". Altered/corrected some collector's notes.
15/06/2012 Added USA 1967 David Bowie stereo LP, Australia 1979 Chameleon blue label LP, South Korea 19?? Changes One LP, South Korea 198? Changes Two LP, South Korea 198? Fame and Fashion LP, 199? Russia Crystal Japan and Joe the Lion 5" flexis, and replaced the 2009 EU "Heroes" TV on the Radio/Bowie 7" by the entire War Child Heroes 15 x 7" various artists set. Changed and expanded some collector's notes.
09/06/2012 Added Portugal 1973 The Jean Genie 7", Argentina 1984 Esta Noche LP, Argentina 1987 Nunca Me Dejes Caer LP, and UK 1991 Low LP.
07/06/2012 Added UK 1991 You Belong in Rock n'Roll Tin Machine 12", Canada 1997 Live from 6A various artists CD, and EU 2012 Ziggy Stardust LP/DVD. Changed/corrected some collector's notes, especially on the Canadian issue of the Hunky Dory album.
01/06/2012 Added 1997 Studio 70-75 bootleg LP.
29/05/2012 Added Japan 1973 Space Oddity 7", UK 1983 Let's Dance 12", replaced one of my copies of the Japanese Young Americans 7" by an earlier one.
27/05/2012 Added Brazil 1973 Aladdin Sane LP, EU 2012 Space Oddity/Moonage Daydream pirate 7"EP, France 1979 John, I'm Only Dancing (1972) 7", South Korea 19?? Space Oddity LP, South Korea 1984? Tonight LP, UK 1974 David Live 1st issue 2LP, USA 1999 SNL 25 - The Musical Performance - Volume 1 various artists CD. Fixed some internal links.
19/05/2012 Replaced my copy of the Spain 1975 David Live 2LP by an earlier one. Added USA 1974 Changes grey label 7" and USA 1972 The Jean Genie 7". Expanded some collector's notes.
16/05/2012 Added Italy 1974 Diamond Dogs 7", EU 2011 Hunky Dory (A Pedir de Boca) pirate LP.
15/05/2012 Added UK 1972 Ziggy Stardust first pressing LP (and expanded/changed the relevant collector's notes), replaced my copy of the France 1973 Coccinelle Varietes LP by another (earlier) one, added UK 1972 Starman 7" with Titanic credits, 1975 Young Americans Gold Standard red label 7", and France 1978 Breaking Glass 7" EP.
11/05/2012 Added Italy 1973 Drive-In Saturday jukebox promo-only 7", Netherlands 1982 Cat People (Putting Out Fire) 7", South Africa 1973 Superstar 2LP, USA 1976 Hunky Dory LP.
02/05/2012 Added Spain 1983 Let's Dance - Bailemos LP.
01/05/2012 Added Germany 1981? Takeoff - "Heroes" LP.
28/04/2012 Added France 1981 The Best of Bowie LP (first regular issue), UK 1991 You Belong in Rock n'Roll Tin Machine 7", USA 1999 Let's Dance jukebox promo-only 7". Expanded some collector's notes.
25/04/2012 Added Australia 1976 Hunky Dory LP.
24/04/2012 Added Germany 1981 Christiane F. club edition LP with different cover design.
22/04/2012 Added UK 1969 Space Oddity 7" ("mono" on label with centre piece). Changed some collector's notes.
16/04/2012 Added France 1981 Ashes to Ashes 7" and the Heroes in Montreal 3LP/2CD/DVD bootleg set, discovered (no joke!) a red vinyl copy of the UK 1980 Ashes to Ashes 7" in my collection, exchanged my copy of the Spanish Hunky Dory LP against another one, added the UK 1967 Over the Wall We Go Oscar 7" to the "Contributions" section and the UK 1967 Hits '67 LP to the "Apocrypha" section. And, as usual, I changed/corrected some of my notes.
10/04/2012 Added France 1975 Fame 7", Malaysia 1983 Let's Dance jukebox promo 7", Poland 199? Moonage Daydream, The Secret Life of Arabia and Lady Stardust 5" soundcards. Corrected and expanded some collector's notes.
07/04/2012 Added UK 1981 Under Pressure Queen & David Bowie 7" (alternative cover), corrected, changed and expanded various collector's notes.
02/04/2012 Added South Africa 1983 David Bowie compilation 2LP, corrected/changed some collector's notes (especially on Spanish RCA LPs).
31/03/2012 Added Iceland 1983 Let's Dance LP, Spain 1983 Let's Dance 12", fixed some minor issues.
30/03/2012 Added Spain 1981 Gigantes del Pop Vol. 28 1st issue LP, fixed some minor issues.
29/03/2012 Added UK 1983 Rebel Rebel 7" with correct B-side, fixed some minor issues.
28/03/2012 Added UK 1986 Absolute Beginners 12", corrected some collector's notes (especially concerning the German The Beginning LP), added some contents to the "Contact/Personal" page, fixed some minor issues.
24/03/2012 Added Japan 1987 Time Will Crawl promo 7".
22/03/2012 Added Italy 1969 Space Oddity 7", Greece 1974 Rebel Rebel 7", corrected some mistakes (especially concerning the Italian Space Oddity jukebox 7"), and fixed some minor issues.
21/03/2012 Added Germany 1981 Rock Galaxy black label 2LP, fixed some minor issues.
20/03/2012 Added South Korea 1977? Diamond Dogs LP, Germany 1973 The Beginning Vol. 2 promo LP, fixed some minor issues.
17/03/2012 Fixed some minor issues, added more exact release dates for some records, etc.
15/03/2012 Added USA? 1977? Wish upon a Star bootleg LP, Japan? 2012 Space Oddities bootleg 10"LP. Added some information to the Westwood One box.

13/03/2012 Added France 1973 Sorrow export 7", UK 1973 Drive-In Saturday solid centre 7", UK 1974 Knock on Wood solid centre 7", USA 1975 Golden Years 7"; replaced my copy of the USA 1974 Rebel Rebel issue 1 7" (domestic copy) by another one.

12/03/2012 Major update!

After years of keeping this website alive at a very low level, I have finally decided to re-activate it and change a number of things. Here is a list of the most important changes:

1. Corrections
There were numerous mistakes in the former version of this website: simple typos and "copy-and-paste" errors that resulted in wrong tracklists, but also more serious errors. Don't ask me how I got the idea that there was a "single edit" of Diamond Dogs. I must have got lost among all the versions and edits...
In order to find out what is actually on my Bowie records I have listened to many of them very closely again, and, in some cases, compared songs very carefully. I was almost shocked to find out how much wrong information I had, especially about the contents of my bootlegs. I think that in most cases I have now listed the correct versions, recording dates, etc. I have also consulted various sources (see the
"Books and Links" section) to find out more about the release dates and the exact editions of the records in my collection. And, again, I found a lot of mis-datings and other mistakes to correct. This doesn't mean that everything is perfect here now - it will probably never be!
But it's much better and much more reliable than before.

2. Addition of information
First, I have finally added "collector's notes" to all entries for which it seemed useful to me. Second, I have added label scans for many records (and disc scans for most CDs) (see here for more on label designs). Sometimes I have also included scans of posters etc. And, finally, I have added internal links for easier reference between the entries.
The "Books and Links" section and the "Explanations" section (formerly "Abbreviations and Key to Entries") have been expanded, and I have added a "Contributions etc." section about records in the recording of which Bowie was involved, but which do not really fit into the main part. Those "apocrypha" (i.e. records which are incorrectly - or possibly incorrectly - associated with Bowie) that I have in my collection are also discussed there. Finally, there is a new "Contact/Personal" section, but there isn't much to see in it yet. I'll see what I'll do with it...

3. Design
I have retained the general concept of these pages, but changed some minor layout issues. The most important one is certainly the addition of more internal links. Note that current versions of the Firefox browser have a problem with the background image in the longer record lists. They don't show it in the lower part of the lists. You'll get a white background instead. There could be worse things...

4. Additions of records
I have also added a number of new items:
2011 Toy bootleg LP, Australia 1983 Without You 7", France 1981 The Best of Bowie 1st (mis-)pressing LP, France 1982 Portrait of a Star 3LP, Germany 1981 Under Pressure Queen & David Bowie cream label 7", Germany 1981 Wild Is the Wind orange label 12", Japan 1973 Let's Spend the Night Together 7", Japan 1975 Young Americans textured cover re-pressing 7", Japan 1975 Young Americans LP, Japan 1979 Boys Keep Swinging 7", Italy 1975 Young Americans jukebox promo-only 7", New Zealand 1979 Chameleon LP, New Zealand 1980 The Best of Bowie LP, Russia 1993 Pin Ups LP, Russia 199? Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 5" flexi, Russia 199? Kingdom Come 5" flexi, Russia 199? Little Bombardier 5" flexi, Russia 199? Song for Bob Dylan mis-pressed 5" flexi, Spain 1973 Sorrow original 7", Spain 1975 Fame promo 7", Spain 1975 Fame original 7", Turkey 1979 Yassassin 7", UK 1971 The Man Who Sold the World LP, UK 1976 Changes One 1st (mis-)pressing LP, UK 1979 D.J. green vinyl 7", UK 2004 Do They Know It's Christmas? Band Aid 20/Band Aid CDS, USA 1970 The Man Who Sold the World white label promo LP, USA 1973 Sorrow export 7", USA 1973 Let's Spend the Night Together promo-only 7", USA 1973 Time promo-only 7", USA 1974 What's It All about? David Bowie/The Who promo-only 7", USA 1977 Sound and Vision 7", USA 1978 Bowie Now promo-only LP (I've had this one in my collection for years, but had simply forgotten to add it), USA 1978? An Evening with David Bowie counterfeit LP, USA 1979 John, I'm Only Dancing (Again) promo 12", USA 1980 RCA College Radio Series promo-only LP, USA 1981 Under Pressure Queen & David Bowie 7", USA? 1983 Keep On bootleg 2LP, USA? 1983 Oui... C'est Radical Chic! bootleg LP, USA 1983 Without You promo-only 7", USA 1984 Blue Jean promo-only 7", USA 1985 The Best of the Biscuit promo-only LP/12", USA 1990 Live Machination Tin Machine bootleg 2LP, USA 1997 The Bridge School Concerts Vol. One various artists 2LP, USSR 1989 Starman first pressing LP, Yugoslavia 1975 Young Americans 7".

11/12/2011 Added EU 2011 Starman - The Photography of Mick Rock 7".
28/08/2011 Added 2011 Toy bootleg CD.
20/06/2011 Added US 2010 Bowie/Bing Crosby 7" Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy, EU 2011 Golden Years 12", and Thailand 1975 Captain & Tennille various artists 7"EP. Fixed some minor inaccuracies.
15/02/2011 Added EU 2004 various artists CD Shrek 2 and EU 2010 2LP re-issue of the debut album. I also changed some things on the "Books & Links" page to avoid legal problems.
17/10/2010 Added EU 2010 vinyl/CD/DVD set Station to Station - Deluxe Edition and fixed some minor issues.
14/04/2010 Added EU 2010 2CD sets A Reality Tour and David Bowie - Deluxe Edition. Also changed my collector's notes on the World of David Bowie stereo LP.
04/02/2010 Added UK (?) 2008 Low pirate LP.
08/12/2009 Added Australia 1973 The Laughing Gnome 7".
01/12/2009 Added EU 2009 David Bowie - 40th Anniversary LP.
20/11/2009 Added EU 2009 David Bowie - 40th Anniversary 2CD.
16/11/2009 Added USA 2002 Everyone Says 'Hi' promo-only 12".
11/11/2009 Added USA 1974 Rebel Rebel (2nd issue) promo-only 7" and USA 1981 Queen & David Bowie Under Pressure promo-only 7".
07/11/2009 Replaced an inappropriate company sleeve.
24/10/2009 Added France 1975 Mille-Pattes Séries 2LP, replaced some inappropriate company sleeves.
08/10/2009 Added UK 1967 Love You till Tuesday 7", 2007 Mislay vs. Coolio & Bowie 12", two 2009 Benassi vs. Bowie D.J. promo-only 12"s.
02/10/2009 Added UK 2009 Cat People 7".
28/09/2009 Replaced some inappropriate company sleeves.
21/09/2009 Replaced some worn and/or inappropriate company sleeves, corrected some typos, added update history.